Dress Code for Boys


LSL does not compel students to wear uniforms. They are allowed to wear casual, practical and comfortable clothing within religious and social limits.

We recommend a dress code as a guide for parents and students.

  • Loose, cotton T-shirt, button front shirt
  • Jeans, pants, knee length shorts
  • Vest and underwear are compulsory
  • Joggers, trainers, sneakers (with socks), sandals (only in summer)
  • Sweater, jacket

Students of Class 6 onwards should possess a tie, a dress shirt, trousers and leather shoes for formal occasions.




  • Flip flops, slide on slippers or sandals, shoes with slippery soles
  • Very tight T-shirts, shirts, jeans or pants
  • T-shirts with images of violence or inappropriate messages
  • Sleeveless T-shirts
  • Jeans which are allowed to slide low on the hips

    We are very particular about personal hygiene and advise parents to monitor it strictly. Children should come to school with neatly cut, freshly shampooed hair, short and clean finger and toe nails and clean clothes. Teeth should be brushed after breakfast.