The school year is divided into two terms, August to December and January to June.
Assessments and examinations are conducted according to this schedule:

Nursery to Class 8

First Term Assessment                           December           Entire First Term work

 Second Term Assessment                     May/June              Entire Second Term work


Playgroup and Pre-Nursery
There is no formal assessment or test. Children are observed and evaluated on daily performance and progress. Reports reflect achievements according to age level and development stage.

Nursery and Kindergarten
The children are assessed in a relaxed and informal way. Teachers revise the lessons in class with different reinforcement exercises. English, Urdu and Mathematics have written assessments whereas General Knowledge and Islamiyat have ongoing oral assessments throughout the terms.

Classes 1 to 4
In the Term Examinations students sit for only three papers, English, Urdu and Mathematics.
Science, Social Studies, Islamiyat and ICT are assessed in regular on going End of Topic/Unit tests throughout the term, not by formal examination. The grades are included in the Term Report.

Class 5 to 8

First Term:                    Entire work of the First Term

Second Term:              Entire work of the Second Term
                                      Complete Math course of both terms
                                      Selected topics from the First Term of all the other subjects

O Levels

                 First Mid-Term                                   October               

                 First Term Exam                                 December              

                 Second Mid-Term                               March                                                  

                 Second Term Exam                              May/June   

O-Level students are advised by their teachers regarding topics for assessments and exams as they are assessed on the entire O Level course done so far. Students also have to sit for regular Monthly Tests.

End of Topic/Unit Tests

Classes 5 to 8: In all subjects when a topic or unit has been taught students sit for End of Topic/Unit tests, The marks are included in the term results.

Calculation of the term results:

Exam Papers                             75% weightage
End of Topic/Unit Tests           25% weightage

  Assessment and Exam Papers

  • Questions are based on the textbooks and class work but are not identical to them.
  • Students are required to study mainly from their text books, also from notebooks and worksheets.
  • Understanding of concepts and independent work is emphasised and not memorisation
    of class work or rote learning.
  • Marks for Projects and Online assignments are included in the papers.


Leave /Absence

During class tests, assessments and examinations all absences must be supported by written information from parents, otherwise the student will get a zero mark for the missed paper/s. Missed papers are not retaken.
The leave application should be sent on the day of absence or latest on the first day of the student’s return to school. Letters sent after a gap of more than one day are not accepted.
Letters may be sent as hard copies or as soft copies (


Marks and Results

O Level students receive four reports a year, 7 to 14 days after the last paper. All other classes get two reports.

Marks are deducted for incorrect and incomplete answers; for spelling errors, grammar mistakes and poor presentation.

Pass percentage is 50.



Promotion to the next class is based on the achievements in both Term Exams and the
End of Unit Topic/Unit tests.

It is important for all students to study on a regular basis throughout the year and not just
a few days before the papers. Reading of books, newspapers and magazines is strongly advised for developing comprehension, spellings, creativity and vocabulary.
Regular Attendance is crucial for sound learning and good results.


School Dues

Students are allowed to sit for assessments and exams only if the school dues are paid according to schedule. To avoid all kinds of embarrassment, unpleasantness and inconvenience parents must ensure prompt payment.