Junior School

Junior School includes five classes

Class Entry age on September 1
1 6+
2 7+
3 8+
4 9+
5 10+

A progressive and modern curriculum is followed with support from the best and most appropriate textbooks available. The curriculum for all classes from Pre-school to Class 8 is developed at LSL by experienced and qualified teachers.


The best available are selected, some are especially imported. From, 2021 the books of the Single National Curriculum (SNC) will be implemented in keeping with governement guidelines.

Textbooks and corresponding workbooks are supplemented by Supplementary Reading Material (SRM) and government approved textboks. All the topics are taught with the help of activities and interesting exercises. Some topics are selected for project work.

* Subject to change after annual review

Written work is done in workbooks, notebooks and worksheets for Languages and Numbers.