General Information
  1. The school year is divided into two terms, AUGUST to DECEMBER and JANUARY to JUNE. Mid-term
    assessments are carried out in October and March. The papers are sent home for parents to see and sign. Exams are conducted in December and in June. Pass percentage is 50%. 

  2. Absence without a leave application will entail a zero mark in tests and exams. There are  no retests. 

  3. A leave application written by one of the parents or the guardian is to be submitted in advance. In case of emergency the application may be handed in on the student’s return to school. 

  4. A certain amount of homework is given everyday for reinforcement and practice. Parents are to only supervise the work, and the children are to do it independently. The Homework Diary must be checked daily, it can also be used for Parent – Teacher communication. 

  5. There are two formal Parent – Teacher Meetings in a school year. Besides these, parents may meet the teachers as often as they wish, but with a prior appointment from the school office. 

  6. Students are to be dropped at school and picked up at the specific school timings. The school will not be held responsible for children who arrive more than 30 minutes before time or are picked up 30 minutes after school is over. In case of delay due to an emergency the child is looked after. 

  7. Students are to bring a packed snack for break. The food should be nourishing and preferably homemade and include fresh fruit or vegetables. Sweets, candies, crisps, cola drinks and junk food are not allowed. 

  8. Students are to dress according to the recommended dress code. Jewellery and expensive watches are not to be worn. 

  9. Students are not to bring money to school. Any request for payment is made by a written notice or circular from the school office. 

  10. Any change of address and telephone number must be notified to the school office in writing. 

  11. Students suffering from infectious diseases or ailments should not be sent to school until they have recovered. Parents are to conduct regular lice checks to prevent infestation of other students. 

  12. The custodial staff (guards, ayahs etc.) is not to be tipped directly. The amount may be handed in at the office for disbursement.