O-Level Programme


LSL is a Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE) affiliated centre for O-Level. The LSL O-Level faculty is amongst the best in Lahore. The O-Level programme is well planned and implemented. There is close contact between parents and school. The small class sizes at LSL help students perform to their maximum potential as they get concentrated attention from their teachers. Continuous monitoring and supervision, frequent guidance and counselling help weaker students overcome their problem areas and enable academically strong students to improve further.
LSL is amongst the very few schools where the science laboratory is frequently used and where students are actually taught to research on the internet and in the library.


Code Subject
1123 English
3248 Urdu
(as a Second Language)
4024/4029 Mathematics
2059 Pakisan Studies
2058 Islamiyat
5090 Biology
5070 Chemistry
5040 Physics
7100 Commerce

Students applying for admission directly into the O-Level programme need to sit for an entry test in:

O-Level 1 O-Level 2
English English
Urdu Urdu
Mathematics Mathematics
Pakistan Studies Pakistan Studies
Science Biology

They must also present their Final Exam report of the previous class.