JUNE 2020

Online learning will continue throughout the month of June from the syllabus of the Second Term, Jan to May 2020.

LSL started a phased programme of Online Learning very promptly as soon as schools closed in March. 
*The FIRST stage was the introduction of lessons via Google Classroom with videos and assignments. 
*The SECOND stage was the gradual introduction of Zoom sessions for all classes. During Ramadan  teaching through Google Classroom continued and Zoom sessions were reduced as most parents found it difficult to manage. 
*The THIRD stage is now starting after a week's break for Eid ul Fitr. This time students will receive 2 to 3+ hours of Zoom sessions daily, five days a week according to a structured timetable.
*Assignments will continue to be uploaded on Google Classroom as before. 
*The timetable for each class is being sent to enable parents to plan accordingly. 
*Zoom ID details will be given through Google Classroom, also by WhatsApp message from the school phone.

Students need to be well prepared for the next class. It is therefore crucial that these lessons  be taken very seriously.
1. Students must be ready before the live Zoom sessions, properly seated at a table and not in their beds. 
2.Parents are to ensure a quiet and disciplined  environment conducive to learning.
3. Textbooks and stationery are to be available. Also a water bottle, to avoid leaving the session.
4. Students' attendance, participation and conduct will be recorded for the Annual Report.
5. Online Assessments will be conducted so regular and complete attendance is compulsory. 
6. Children up to Class 4 need to be accompanied by their mothers or a responsible adult.

Some parents are not comfortable sharing their personal email IDs for a combined support group on Google Classroom so for any queries or feedback please contact:
* Whatsapp or SMS  03314764402


Thank you