Pre-School consists of four classes

Entry age on September 1

Playgroup      2+ years
Pre-Nursery   3+ years
Nursery          4+ years
Kindergarten  5+ years

Ms Umber Sheikh, the Coordinator, has been running the LSL Pre-School right from its inception. She manages the curriculum development, staff training, on going events, activities, parents meetings, and teaches as well. Her vast and varied experience has helped the Pre-School to become a standard of excellence.

Playgroup 2+ years

Aim The focus is on communication, language development, social skills, independence, physical coordination and preparation for reading and writing. A warm and welcoming environment ensures children enjoy coming to school and develop a positive association with learning.

Curriculum: A well structured curriculum defines specific skills the children are expected to learn through a wide range of activities and projects.

Language: speaking, listening, singing, answering, following instructions, vocabulary development.

Concepts: colours, shapes, numbers, animals, plants, transport, body parts, fruits, vegetables, food etc.

Skills: hand-eye coordination, pasting, colouring, tearing paper, carrying, sorting, matching, handling apparatus like puzzles, and weaving boards, EPL (exercises of practical life).

School Day

The day starts at 08:30 am and ends at noon. All the areas of the curriculum are taught through games, activities, play, experience and language. Every morning the children are welcomed warmly by their teachers, they hang up their bags by recognising their name tags on the hooks.

The first period is a group session which consists of singing, talking about their activities and discussing the concepts of the curriculum.

This is followed by outdoor play which includes riding tricycles, exercises, ball play, races and free play.

On their return to the classroom some activities are selected either for skill development or for concept reinforcement.

The snack break is next, children eat under supervision with emphasis on table manners.
This is a great opportunity for social skills practice. At the end they are helped to put away their lunch boxes and clean up. They learn to use a brush and pan to remove crumbs from the floor.

Another activity follows and then a story telling session ends the day.

Throughout the day they are with teachers who are soft spoken, gentle, encouraging and very generous with their affection and patience.
The ever present Ayahs take care of their physical needs, (washing, using the toilet, diaper changing) and provide help and comfort at all times.