Pre-Nursery 3+ years

Communication, language development, independence, physical coordination, preparation for reading and writing, awareness of the environment, recognition of appropriate behaviour, following of routines, use of courtesy words

The curriculum is taught through games, activities, experience, practical work, projects and topic work

vocabulary enhancement, speaking in complete sentences to request, state, describe or ask, comprehend stories, follow instructions, sequencing, recognition of the letters of the alphabet by sight, phonics, colouring in the letter shapes, tracing, moulding letters with play dough; use of prepositions, opposites, pronouns, etc

recognition and concept of numbers, adding and subtracting, number games, matching, sorting, etc

food, fruit, vegetables, water, animals, insects, plants, transport, family members, body parts etc.

hand-eye coordination, pasting, colouring, sorting, matching, sequencing, threading beads on laces, clipping and unclipping clothes pegs, using modelling clay, using a paint brush, pouring, spooning and other EPL exercises, Art and Craft, writing on dotted letters and numbers.

School Day

Group Session:
welcome, Islamic facts, singing, discussion of concepts, speaking and listening exercises.

games, cycling, exercises, races, swimming/ water play (twice weekly) free play on playground equipment.

language/ numbers/general

Snack break:
setting out, table manners, clearing up

games, hand control exercises, EPL, art and craft

Story Reading:
listening to a story, predicting, discussing the themes, looking at the pictures