Senior School

Senior School is from Class 6 to O Levels

Class Entry age on September 1
6 11+
7 12+
8 13+
9 14+
10 15+
11 16+

The LSL Senior School programme focuses on preparing students for the O-Level examination in the last year of school. Students are taught sound study skills to enable them to handle the extensive curriculum which is the requirement for these classes. They are expected to follow a strict daily routine of intensive study and extensive reading. The reading is not to be limited to coursework but should also include books, newspapers and magazines for current affairs and issues, national and international events, developments in Science and Technology, biographies, fiction and non-fiction.

LSL students should follow productive and meaningful activities which would help them face the challenges of life in the twenty first century.

Parents are expected to constantly monitor their pre-teen and teenage children to maintain a balance between study and recreation.

LSL strictly warns against unsupervised and limitless

  • internet usage
  • social media
  • television viewing
  • computer games
  • social activities at private homes or public places

Parents’ close interest and involvement is essential for all round healthy growth.

Curriculum Classes 6,7 and 8 follow a curriculum designed by LSL staff. O-Levels classes are taught strictly according to the Cambridge University requirements. The curriculum is supported by textbooks and teacher prepared material.

The best available are selected, some are especially imported. From, 2021 the books of the Single National Curriculum (SNC) will be implemented in keeping with governement guidelines.

Activities, projects and field trips help to make the lessons more meaningful in the context of real life experience..

O-Level Programme

The curriculum is defined and structured by Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE). LSL is an affiliated centre and strictly follows the curriculum. The O Level faculty is amongst the best in Lahore. Regular assessment helps the students develop the necessary study skills and keeps them focused on their work. Co-curricular activities and events support the academic requirements and also help to give the students a holistic approach so that they grow up to be well-rounded individuals.