LSL Students' Council

It is very important for the students to learn about the underlying principles of democracy and government. To promote this LSL has an elected Students’ Council. All classes from Class One to O-Level participate. 
The elections for the Council members are held within the first four weeks of the school year. Students are elected to the following posts. 

Head Prefect - O-Levels  	                   
Deputy Prefect -  O-Levels    	      
Class Prefects - Class 1 to O-Levels  

Students are nominated by their teachers based on academic achievements, participation in school activities and sense of responsibility. The nominated candidates run a one week campaign according to strict rules of fair play and honesty. The campaign is usually great fun highlighted by colourful posters, badges, slogans and of course, promises.

The actual election is by secret ballot. The results are announced at morning Assembly the following day. 

The prefects are installed at a formal oath taking ceremony where they receive their Council badges. They carry out their assigned duties under their teachers’ supervision. 


To promote a healthy sense of competition the students from Class 1 to O – Levels are divided into two houses UNITY and SERVICE. Their assigned colours are red and blue respectively. House badges are worn by all the students. 

House results are based on performance in sports, co-curricular activities and academics.