Main Focus

We aim to develop and harness our students’ talents and contribute to their overall development through curricular and co-curricular programmes and activities.

LSL is an English medium co-ed school. Right from the start the curriculum prepares students to be independent. It helps them face the challenges of real life and enables them to sit for the Cambridge University O-Level exam with confidence.

The Curriculum focuses on

    • strong academic achievement
    • personality development
    • public speaking for confidence
    • real-life skills for independence
    • ethics, morals, integrity, responsibility

Grooming our tomorrow

LSL reaches beyond the scope of textbooks to ensure all students reach their full potential.

LSL is a progressive institution, which aims to achieve the highest standard in curriculum as well as behaviour

The LSL Curriculum

English Language
Urdu Language
Social Studies
Information and Communication Technology
Expressive Arts
Music, Art, Drama
Physical Education
Games, Gymnastics, Swimming
Life Skills
Personality Development