The school campus has a standard size training pool where children as well as adults can learn to swim in an extremely safe environment. There are separate classes for boys and girls from KG onwards where they learn to swim properly. The water is continuously filtered and the recommended chemicals are added to keep the water clean and safe. 

Swimming classes commence in April every year. To make this enjoyable summer experience really safe and hygienic parents’ cooperation is crucial. On swimming days the children must bring the following items in a proper swimming bag

Swimming bag 
1 - Swimming costume
2 – Towelling bath robe, ankle length, (very important).
3 - Swimming cap
All items to be labeled with the child’s name (use a black marker) 

* Please ensure that the children’s robes, caps etc are ready for use.

Separate classes are held for boys and girls with separate instructors. For girls’ swimming the entire pool area is curtained off.

Playgroup, Pre-Nursery and Nursery children do not swim in the big pool, they splash around in an inflatable pool. 

  • Students must bring their caps, costumes and clean towels on the specified days. Without these items they are not allowed to swim.
  • Please help children to learn how to dress, undress, to take care of their clothes and put them away properly.
  • All children must wear sandals without socks on swimming days for convenience while changing.
  • Finger nails and toe nails are to be clipped short and cleaned with a nail brush.
  • Hair must be freshly shampooed for swimming days.
  • In case of any kind of infection please let the school know in writing.
  • A special check should be conducted at home for lice and nits to avoid infestation of other swimmers.
  • Please ensure that your children are inoculated against Typhoid. Consult your doctor.

Parents' cooperation will help make the swimming classes safe and enjoyable for all.