Guidelines for Parents of Pre-schoolers

Your child’s first school experience should be a wonderful one, characterised by a sense of security, warm smiles, comfort and absence of stress. To help children and parents adjust to the school routine the following checklist is helpful.


Aug to May
Playgroup and Pre-Nursery
(Mon to Fri)
08:30 am - 12:00 noon
(Mon to Thu)
08:00 am - 01:00 pm
KG to O-Level
(Mon to Thu)
08:00 am - 02:00 pm
All Classes
08:00 am - 12:30 pm

New admissions in Playgroup and Pre-Nursery:

On the first day children are to be brought for half an hour only and the mother is to stay. Gradually the timings are increased until the child adjusts to the school environment. Each child settles in a different way and the teacher lets the mother know about the time period for each day.

A set of clothing in a clear plastic bag and a slip of paper with the child’s name and class should be sent in the bag daily in case clothes need to be changed.

From the first day bring the child’s lunch in a proper lunch box. The lunch should include home made food and a balanced diet. Remember to include a piece of fruit or vegetable. Packaged food like crisps, biscuits, soft drinks and candy are not allowed. Send food which is easy to eat and not messy. Do not send rice, noodles, parathas, fish or chicken with bones. Cut up the food in small pieces which can be eaten easily with a fork or spoon.

Until your child settles down the mother may wait in the office and a staff member fetches the child.

Please help your child develop regular habits by proper potty training, so that there is no need for a bowel movement in school. Early bedtime (07:30 pm) is essential for the healthy growth and learning ability of children. Avoid afternoon naps and instead encourage play with construction toys (Lego), or story telling and picture books.

Circulars and fee notices are always stapled in the School Diary. It may be used for communication between parents and teachers. It would be very helpful if parents start teaching children to do these before joining school.

dress and undress use a spoon and fork
wash and dry face and hands take off and put on shoes
share toys and take turns tidy or put away toys
say their name and address give their parent's names
use the toilet properly, flush the toilet, wash hands