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New LSL is proud of its talented Gymnastic teams...

New Calendar 2014-2015

New LSL Fun Activities

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LSL Swimming Classes
15 June to 31 July  
Monday to Friday
Separate classes for boys and girls


Summer Holidays
commence after the last paper

School Reopens
Wed 19 Aug 2015
Classes 1 to O Level

 Fri.    21 Aug 2015
Pre- school


Classes 6 and 8 students presented recitations of Surah Yasin and ...
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ICT Interactive Quiz
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LSL Gymnastic Teams LSL Scholarships


Brilliant performance at very short notice, by our dynamic Gymnastic teams.
LSL is proud of its talented teams.
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Adil Ahsan Scholarship has been instituted by LSL to honour Adil Ahsan, Class of 2013 for his brilliant record and excellence in conduct. Basim Aqdas Scholarship has been instituted by a brilliant Pakistani presently working in Canada... click here to see more details...

Grand Spelling Championship Video Based Classes at LSL

Congratulations to the students for the brilliant performance in spelling championship (English and Urdu).

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Difficult and new concepts in all subjects are taught with the help of the multimedia projector and videos, to all classes from Playgroup to O Level.

Students comprehend their lessons easily and enthusiastically.


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